Watts House Project

Watts House Project (WHP) is an artist-driven urban revitalization project centered around the historic Watts Towers in Watts, California. Directed by Los Angeles artist Edgar Arceneaux, WHP is a large-scale artwork-as-urban-development engaging art and architecture as a catalyst for expanding and enhancing community which surrounds the Watts Towers – currently standing in stark contrast to the well-maintained aesthetics of the national monument.

By creating a physical and social infrastructure for creativity, WHP is catalyzing artistic production and community pride of place, forming partnerships that can lead to real solutions, hope, and change. In a series of interventions, WHP has paired tenants in the neighborhood, with a team of artists, architects and arts organizations.

For the Garcia family compound, in addition to addressing the mundane needs of repairing and reconfiguring the family’s living quarters, the architects, in collaboration with the artist collective Slanguage, are looking to develop a distinctive identity for the family home through a series of interventions on the exterior of the building and, mostly, by establishing a clearly defined floor plane, a ‘tiled’ surface.