Stephen Prina: As He Remembered It

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 2013

A collaboration with American conceptual artist Stephen Prina involved the reconstruc-tion of 28 pieces of furniture from two demolished houses by Modernist architect R. M. Schindler. The work is based on a personal anecdote of Prina having seen a piece of built-in furniture removed from a Schindler house and placed out of context in a shop window. Taking this idea further, he carefully recreated all of the fitted furniture from Schindler’s houses for Rose Harris (1942) and Hilaire Hiler (1941) and re-presented them as “supports for mono-chrome painting” using the Pantone Color of the Year for 2011, “Honeysuckle” pink. The work was first shown in the famous Hauptraum of the Secession Building in Vienna, in a gridded array, arranged alpha-betically by project name and room name. Four new works in his series Exquisite Corpse: The Complete Paintings of Manet were juxtaposed to the sculptural objects.