Sharon Lockhart: Lunch Break

The Vienna Secession, 2008-2009

In 2008 Escher GuneWardena collaborated with Sharon Lockhart in the installation of her work entitled Lunch Break, which was shown for this first time at the Secession in Vienna. Comprising two films and three suites of photographs, the series observes the daily lives of shipyard workers in the historic Bath Iron Works in Maine. Assigning spatial weight to the various elements of the exhibition, the artist and architects developed different viewing experiences for the work within the historic 1898 building by Joseph Maria Olbrich. An extremely long container (6m x 19m) housing the most prominent piece of the exhibition, the film Lunch Break, was inserted on axis with the entrance doors in the rigorously symmetrical, formal space of the main exhibition hall. “Portraits” of the workers' lunch boxes and larger suites of photographs surround the looming container.