Gregory Ain’s Greene House Restoration
Los Angeles

This project is for the major restoration of the Marjorie M. Greene Residence, designed by prominent mid-century architects Gregory Ain, Joseph Johnson, and Alfred Day, and built in 1952 by Pallisgaard-Wilson. Damaged by a fire in November 2018, the structural members of the house are intact, but the interiors are charred, and all of the glazing has been destroyed.

Elements of the main floor plan of the Marjorie M. Greene residence echo the configurations found in the Mar Vista Tract (1948) and, more closely, the Exhibition House at MoMA (1950), both designed by Gregory Ain. In 1953, an accompanying landscape design by Garrett Eckbo, Robert Royston and Edward Williams was realized.

The residence is rectangular in plan, post-and-beam construction, with a symmetrical butterfly roof that lifts up along the glazed walls of the northeast and southwest facades